World’s 1st producer of sargassum skincare products is a Barbadian company

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   Nathan Redhead | Posted on May 22, 2020

OASIS Laboratory is a company based in Barbados founded by two Barbadian chemists Kemar Codrington and Mikhail Eversley, who are graduates of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill.   

 Mikhail Eversley and Kemar Codrington. OASIS Laboratory

The company proudly dons the title of being the first ever to develop and produce a sargassum based skincare product line, not just in the Caribbean, but in the world. While there are other seaweed-based skincare products on the market, sargassum, which is the brown genus of seaweed found in tropical regions, has never been used for skincare prior to the conception of the company in 2018.  

OASIS Laboratory

According to an article published on the UWI’s website, the venture has been solely self-funded since its start-up and has also received business support from the Student Entrepreneurial and Empowerment Development (SEED) program. The company has also been able to partner with a few eco-hotels globally to have its products placed in several of the rooms.  

To date, OASIS Laboratory has produced two flagship product lines, namely, OCEAN by OASIS, and Nature’s Melanin.  The company also has a magazine publication, Olab Magazine, in which it features the history of the company, many of the products produced, future plans of the company, and other themed content.   

OASIS Laboratory

OCEAN by OASIS was the first product line developed by the company. It’s noted in the magazine that this product line is 100% earth-friendly with zero plastic and is free of harsh and harmful chemicals. The product line is also said to highlight key facets of Barbadian tourism, as the products were named after the internationally recognised beaches of Barbados.     

In the magazine, the product is introduced with the following statement expressing the company’s views on environmental issues:  

“We believe that all the issues of our environment can be solved by the actions of each and every one of us as consumers. Thus, we want to help you solve those environmental challenges by provoking you to re-examine your behavior and your choices as a consumer. Choose, sustainably sourced materials and production processes.”  

OASIS Laboratory

Nature’s Melanin is the other product line by OASIS Laboratory. As the magazine states, this product line was inspired by the elements of the rich Caribbean Heritage of the Barbadian people, and also by their undervalued and underutilised plant resources. These products are made with, Breadfruit, Tamarind, and other local resources, and named after local elements such as Roast Breadfruit, Tamarind Ball and Breadfruit Cou-Cou. 

With Barbados being a Small Island Developing State (SID), OASIS Laboratory believes that partnerships are key to achieve its full potential. As such, the company hopes to form lasting and beneficial relationships with other growing or larger companies as the years progress.   

OASIS Laboratory’s products are not just about beautification, but they embody purpose according to this quote taken from the magazine, “our products are not just cosmetics, but natural products with a huge mission!” 

To follow the company’s progress, you can find Oasis Laboratory on Facebook and Instagram

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Nathan Redhead

Nathan is a Grenadian writer and a graduate of the T. A Marryshow Community College in Grenada, where he earned an associate’s degree in sociology and psychology. While obtaining his associate’s degree, he was exposed to the world of poetry and expository writing as a member of the Writer’s Association of Grenada. He’s an avid lover of literature, and as a child, he spent the majority of his free time either watching the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet or trying to dismantle his toys to rebuild them into something that sparked his interest. As a Junior Writer, he hopes to reignite his passion for science and inventing, as well as improve his creative writing ability.

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  1. Maureen Mackenzie

    Good l.uck to you. I come from an entreprenorial family and deserve great success.

  2. Fabulous read and bright highlight. Thanks for sharing this with us. I’m happy to know there were visionaries while everyone was complaining about the sargassum seaweed for ages. I’ve linked this article to a blog post I wrote a couple of years ago about sargassum being used as biofuel so readers can click and tune into this article. Congratulations Oceans Laboratory!

  3. Deborah Sundstrom

    Congratulations on this fabulous endeavor and wishing Oasis every success! What a great way to get rid of sargassum on our beaches!

  4. They should be commended. We should all strive to buy locally made products. Where are these products available locally?

  5. Gotzone Foster

    This seem just like the beginning of a fruitful and brilliant future for you guys. keep it up.. how very creative and mindful….

  6. Shirley Wall-Mayers

    Well done Mikhail and Kemar. I purchased the gift pack of all the soap products at the BTMI (Toronto), Barbados on the Water in 2019. We are very proud of our young entrepreneurs.

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