Trinbagonian entrepreneur launches app to help tourism, food, and hospitality industries

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26-year-old entrepreneur, Ramon Quan Chan, is the proud Founder and CEO of CHOEWZ, a tech start-up in Trinidad and Tobago established to connect customers with businesses and entrepreneurs in the tourism, food, and hospitality industries.   

The company was officially launched on May 15 this year with only four employees, including Ramon. He informed STEM Caribbean that it took him a little over 3 years to develop the company from conception to launch. The platform took about a year and a half to be planned and visualized, followed by 18 months of app building. He takes pride in the fact that the platform was built locally. 

“I am very proud to say the entire platform was built right here in Trinidad, code by code, line by line.” 

From left to right: Joshua Cambridge (marketing and sales), Nicholas Glodon (marketing and sales), Ramon Quan Chan (founder), Aaron Henry “marketing and sales”

Ramon noted that he always had an interest in the food and hospitality industry. After completing several courses at Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute, he went on to receive a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hospitality management from the Australian Institute of Business.  

The CEO’s inspiration for CHOEWZ came from working in the tourism and hospitality industries for over 8 years in restaurants and international resorts alongside bartenders, caterers, and pastry-chefs. He decided to establish the tech company to solve a problem he noticed within those industries.  

“I realized first-hand the difficulty businesses face ‘especially small ones’ when attempting to do business, not only with each other but with their customers. These industries are not connected as they should be.”  

The CHOEWZ app, referred to as the ‘Ultimate Catering App,’ allows users to hire bartenders, caterers, and pastry chefs to provide specialty services for any event or occasion. Also, users can find food carts, food trucks, and street food restaurants with real-time mapping.  

Other features users can access on the app include the ability to purchase products and services from businesses, receive discounts, and even communicate directly with partners and provide reviews.  

For registered users, the app provides an easy to follow, user-friendly user interface (UI) that displays multiple services and businesses with clear cut icons and efficient latency. The app also alerts users to the top-rated pastry chefs, caterers, and restaurants in nearby locations to help with the decision-making process.  


Currently, the team of four is working from home due to the global pandemic. Ramon expressed that they’re aware of the current financial limitations faced by many and have temporarily adjusted the registration process to accommodate potential partners.  

While there are several food delivery apps in the Caribbean region, the CHOEWZ app is unique as it includes catering services and focuses on tourism and hospitality.   

The app currently only provides information for Trinidad and Tobago. However, Ramon states that, alongside his team, his plan is to make CHOEWZ not just a household name, but also a recognizable brand both regionally and internationally.   

“I have big plans for my company and believe once we stay the course and focus on the task at hand, we can accomplish anything,” Ramon ambitiously expressed.   

For more information, you can visit the company’s website. Or download the app which is currently available in the Google Play store.  

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    How do you guys find such good writers??
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  2. Love the innovation undertaken on behalf of CHOEWZ! I can truly identify with how applicable this can be with persons within the industry and citizens and visitors who want to know where to get the best food. Its a given that hotels should jump on board. Also kudos to the author . . . well written. It remained interesting and on point.

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