STEMGuyana launches remote employment opportunity in website development for local teens

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By STEM Caribbean | Posted on August 12, 2020

STEMGuyana Launches 4-4-4 Program for local teens | Photo Courtesy of STEMGuyana

With an internet connection, there are often no limits on location when working in the tech space. This stands true for a group of 15 Guyanese students who are the first cohort of STEMGuyana’s recently launched 4-4-4 Program.   

“The vision has always been for us to engage the technology talents of young people across Guyana and have them work in their own communities while supporting the needs of a global market,” said STEMGuyana co-founder Karen Abrams in a news release.   

“Whether they are building robot solutions, creating mobile apps or building websites, our young people are talented enough to meet the needs of the global marketplace. We hope that this program becomes a resounding success so that we can train more young people and engage them to earn a decent living without having to move to more populated regions for employment. Ideally, technology should allow young people to stay in place and develop their own communities,” Abrams added.  

The 4-4-4 Program is the successor of a Website Development course hosted last summer by STEMGuyana in collaboration with Specialists in Sustained Youth Development and Research (SSYDR) and ExxonMobil, according to the news release.   

Over 200 teenagers aged 15 – 19 years old across Guyana completed the course and gained skills in developing WordPress websites. 15 of the teenagers who attended the course now have the opportunity to use their talents and provide their services to businesses in Guyana and the diaspora through the 4-4-4 Program.  

The program offers businesses a 4-page website built within four days. Domain name hosting and registration for one year are including in the final product for a flat rate of 400USD. A 50% deposit is required upfront after the details between the business owner and a business analyst are discussed and finalized. Business owners interested in the services of the program can fill out this form to be scheduled for an interview to speak with a business analyst.  

Another service offered by the program is the option for business owners to learn how to update their website pages for an additional 50USD. If they prefer, they can purchase an annual service plan for 100USD, which comes with one monthly update.  

So far, two accounts have been registered through the 4-4-4 Program, and 4 of the 15 students are currently working. The team at STEMGuyana expects that this quantity will increase with more outreach.   

This expected increase seems inevitable as the various programs offered by STEMGuyana have been expanding. The STEMGuyana team confirmed that since its inception in 2016, the organisation has reached over 15,000 students with various STEM programs across Guyana. Also, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the team says that about 6000 students were actively enrolled in activities, including those on the National Grade Six App (NGSA). This app provides practice past grade 6 exams to students.  

Businesses interested in the 4-4-4 Program can complete this form or email To get involved with the clubs or learn more about the programs offered, visit   

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