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By STEM Caribbean | Posted on September 21, 2020

Trifinity Solutions and partners launch national job bank and Online Innovation Academy in Guyana

New opportunities for skill-building are now available to Guyanese citizens through Trifinity Solutions. This digital software solutions company partnered with key organizations and launched a national job bank and Online Innovation Academy in Guyana to reduce poverty and youth unemployment while addressing the job crisis due to COVID-19. The company announced this launch on World Entrepreneurs’ Day during an online event with a panel discussion on pertinent topics, including innovation, entrepreneurship, and the future of work.  

Every year World Entrepreneurs’ Day is celebrated in August to create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership around the world. This year, Trifinity Solutions collaborated with local and international partners, including the Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods (COESL) and Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Caribbean, to celebrate this day with an online event that around 50 participants attended from the Caribbean, the United States, and India.   

Presenters at the event included Dr. Marcia Brandon of COESL and GEN (Caribbean), Marissa Foster, a Guyanese entrepreneur, Keshav Gupta from India, and Trifinity Solutions’ co-founders, Narendra Nauth and Samantha Sheoprashad. Attendees also heard from 12-year-old author and aspiring architect, Aurelia Saks, who spoke about her experience at Trifinity Solutions’ Digital Innovation Summer Camp this year. 

Samantha Sheoprashad’s presentation highlighted a study published by the Caribbean Development Bank in 2015. According to this study, youth unemployment rates in the Caribbean are among the highest globally. The study also mentions that Guyana’s youth unemployment rate had been persistently high between 1991 and 2012, and since 2000, the rate has hovered around 40%.  

This year, multiple reports note how the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to a significant increase in unemployment around the world while disrupting traditional means of work. Opportunely, Trifinity Solutions and its partners have joined forces to help lessen the unemployment crisis in Guyana.   

The digital software solutions company conceptualized a digital entrepreneurial ecosystem known as Eco-naire, which intends to “establish and build an ecosystem of interconnected and interdependent networks of various actors” such as startup companies, entrepreneurs, and investors to create innovative products and services.  

“We as a team of young computer scientists have put our knowledge and experience together to develop technological solutions within this ecosystem in order to create the necessary opportunities for Guyanese and the region,” expressed Trifinity Solutions’ co-founder, Narendra Nauth, who is also a lead developer at the company.  

Phase one of Eco-naire, focuses on a mobile app, an online innovation academy, and a job bank. These components of phase one will collaboratively act as a resource for gaining digital skills.   

“Our first phase of this involves three major areas. These are a mobile app, an online innovation academy, and a job bank,” said Nauth. “These will work together in order to upskill and re-skill individuals and empower them with the relevant new digital skills required within their respective industries.”  

Users of the mobile app can read insights on different topic categories ranging from programming to mental health and how to build a resume. Anyone can download the app free of cost from the Google Play Store.  

Eco-naire App

The Online Innovation Academy currently offers a free course with on-demand videos introducing the C programming language. It also offers a free course on design thinking, which involves using creativity and innovation to solve problems.  

Young people interested in finding a job can register to Eco-naire’s job bank to get matched with employers based on their qualifications and job goals, says the team behind Eco-naire.  

Another resource available for entrepreneurs is the StartupLabGY Innovation Accelerator Program. On World Entrepreneurs’ day the team at Trifinity Solutions also launched this year’s edition of the program developed to equip startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs with tools to help launch their ideas during Global Entrepreneurship Week in November this year. The deadline to register is October 31.   

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