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   Cherish Kyeyune | Posted on April 18, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to adapt to using the Internet more for learning and interacting with others. That doesn’t mean our zeal for learning has to be diminished. Fortunately, several educational entities in the Caribbean have shifted to online platforms. Below, I discuss some paid and free online resources that can be used by students in the Caribbean. 

  1. Flow Study  

The Cable and Wireless Charitable Foundation (CWCF) has partnered with Flow and One on One Educational Services Limited to provide the Flow Study Program to all Caribbean students regardless of their network provider. This virtual education platform is free through June 15 this year.    

Inge Smidts, CEO of C&W Communications, operator of the Flow brand, and Chairperson of the CWCF stated in a press release last month, “during these times of crisis we must join forces to ensure that our children, families and communities are supported. Given that parents are now faced with the reality of homeschooling their kids, we wanted to find a way to support them despite which network they subscribe to.”   

Flow Study, which is available to students age 5 to 18, provides access to a range of e-learning content, including over 500 video lessons covering the CSEC curriculum, question bank with over 40,000 exam-style questions and solutions for 35 subjects. Flow Study also offers supplemental educational content such as a digital encyclopedia with over 9,500 digital animations and simulations for four subject areas. Other available resources include virtual science labs with over 500 digital laboratory simulations for science subjects and skills gap testing for over 30 subjects. To get started with the Flow Study program, visit the website at

  1. CXC Biology Tutor 

Michelle, a graduate of the University of the West Indies who majored in Biology, created the CXC Biology Tutor website “to provide a platform for Caribbean students to attain affordable, comprehensive self-paced courses and high-quality tutoring for CXC (CSEC/CAPE) Biology and Human & Social Biology,”  according to the website. Students can attend online classes with Michelle in an interactive virtual classroom. Students can also learn on their own time using self-paced courses on laptops or desktops and mobile devices. One-on-one tutoring is also available online and in person. For more information on Michelle’s services and prices, visit CXC Biology Tutor at

  1. The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Learning Hub 

The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Learning Hub is an e-learning platform that offers resources for educators and students. This platform provides free and paid content covering the CXC suite of exams, including material to aid in learning. To access these resources, register on the CXC Learning Hub at

  1. Caribbean Tutors 

Caribbean Tutors provides courses and private online tutoring lessons for various standardised exams, such as the SEA, CSEC, CAPE, SAT, IGSCE, and GSCE. The lessons are available online, and students can request a tutor for different subjects in multiple languages. Online classes are currently being offered at USD$1.48 for secondary school students. To request a tutor or join and an online course, visit  

  1. Kerwin Springer on YouTube 

Kerwin Springer, an educator, uses his YouTube channel to help Caribbean students across the region with videos on CSEC Math and Chemistry content. He also provides online courses in Math for CSEC and CAPE. Check out the courses at or view his videos on YouTube for free.  

  1. Lenski Adams on YouTube 

Lenski Adams helps students across the region with YouTube videos on physics for CSEC. He’s covered topics such as electricity, atoms, and radioactive decay. The videos range from about 10 minutes to 40 minutes in length. Check out his channel here:  

  1. School Learning Management System (SLMS), Ministry of EducationTrinidad & Tobago. 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Education in Trinidad and Tobago has established the School Learning Management System (SLMS), which connects students and teachers virtually. Students can access educational content ranging from ECCE to the CAPE exam level. To create an account, visit 

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Cherish Kyeyune
Junior Writer

Cherish is a 19-year old writer based in Gros Islet, St. Lucia. In 2018 she graduated from Castries Comprehensive Secondary School, then took a break from school and rekindled her love for writing and art. During this time, she volunteered at a veterinary lab and interned at The Voice Publishing Co., where she wrote and proofread articles for the weekly newspaper and website. As a life-long resident of the Caribbean, she loves the beach and the ocean, and one day hopes to sail the world. She thinks STEM is intriguing because it teaches us how entities around the world work.

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