JetBlue launches free ‘inflight entertainment’ series for children

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   Thandi Ferris | Posted on June 24, 2020

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

JetBlue has launched a video series called JetBlue Jr. to educate and entertain children. Statista, an online database, ranks the company as the fifth largest domestic airline in the United States. The airline is known for providing its customers with low-cost airfare and offers flights to over 20 Caribbean destinations. Now it’s set on teaching curious minds, especially children.  

The JetBlue Jr. video series covers a wide range of topics, including aviation-related vocabulary, flying, the basic structure of an aircraft, and different machines used in airports. Since regulations due to the pandemic have required many to stay at home around the world, the video series could be useful to parents seeking new ways to engage their children, especially those interested in aviation.  

“Our commitment to keeping you entertained and informed is nonstop, even when you’re not flying with us,” the company mentioned in a blog post.   

“And let’s be honest — some of you can probably use some ‘inflight entertainment’ for your little ones right now. You know what they say, time flies when you’re learning new things,” the company added.”  

Although the video series targets children aged 7-10, anyone can view the videos for free. Each lesson has a printable worksheet with activities. Also, the knowledge gained can be conveniently monitored by double-checking with the answer-key provided for each lesson. The videos are published roughly every week. 

One video lesson in the series explains the basic structure of an aircraft and flying. It features the parts of a plane’s exterior, the different terms associated with flying, and some of the fascinating instruments pilots use to fly a plane.    

Another video teaches viewers how to make a simple compass using household items. It also explains how a compass is used for air navigation.   

This video series provides a timely opportunity to introduce children (or anyone interested) to the world of aviation. For more details on the series, check out all the intriguing lessons here: 

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