Happy International Women in Engineering Day!

The Caribbean

Posted on June 23, 2020

Happy International Women in Engineering Day (INWED)! Today we’re celebrating women in engineering around the world. This year marks the seventh year of this annual campaign launched by the Women’s Engineering Society (WES). The theme for INWED this year is “Shape The World.” Below, we’ve compiled articles highlighting Caribbean women in engineering. Have a read!

Engineer from Trinidad and Tobago is featured in historic book highlighting women leaders

History-making engineer, Dr. Malika Grayson, has been chosen as 1 of 27 Cornell University alumnae to be featured in “Wall of Wonder: Cornell Women Leading the Way in Science, Technology and Engineering,” a book highlighting woman within the US-based university’s alumni community.    Among several other

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Tiffani Donald, a Grenadian Civil Engineering student, is determined to make a difference

Perhaps 20 or 30 years ago when asked about a future career path, most Caribbean students would express the desire to become a medical doctor, lawyer, or an accountant. Today more students are venturing out to waters that were once

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Meet Dr. Liselle Joseph, the first woman from the Eastern Caribbean to earn a PhD in aerospace engineering

“You should reflect on your true interests before making any career decisions.” These are words of wisdom shared by Dr. Liselle Joseph, the first woman from the eastern Caribbean to obtain a postdoctoral degree in aerospace engineering; a specialized mechanical

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This Antiguan national did it all and graduated with two engineering degrees

Caribbean students, both within the region and the diaspora, are continuously making strides in their academic endeavors. One such Caribbean national is Thea Davis, who graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemical Engineering. She also attended graduate

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