Happy Independence Day, Trinidad and Tobago!

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Posted on August 31, 2020

Happy Independence Day,

Check out our roundup of some stories featuring individuals from Trinidad and Tobago.

Entrepreneur from Trinidad and Tobago aims to help others achieve their goals using technology

Entrepreneur Shaquille Inniss is on a mission to help others achieve success and prosperity by using his company SI Growth Global Network Limited (GGN) to motivate its members through technology.    Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, Shaquille has been through challenges he says helped shape his current mindset and motivated him to start his company.  After two failed attempts at taking the CSEC examinations, he had a wake-up call and decided to improve his lifestyle. On the third attempt, while keeping in mind that he “needed subjects,” he eventually achieved his desired success.   In 2015, he decided to establish GGN.

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Trinbagonian researcher leads global research on COVID-19 and aims to develop mobile and web apps for minorities

Dr. Michelle King-Okoye is devoted to researching and understanding the effects of diseases on specific groups. Last year she received the Rosemary Pope Award for her groundbreaking research on African Caribbean men with prostate cancer in Trinidad and Tobago.   Today, Dr. King-Okoye is leading two global research projects to understand the effects and the causes for increased mortality rates of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 among the Black, Asian and other minority ethnic groups (BAME) living in developed countries.    In an interview with STEM Caribbean, Dr. King-Okoye explained that there is a lack of research focusing on the factors that contribute to the increasing COVID-19 mortality

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Trinbagonian entrepreneur launches app to help tourism, food, and hospitality industries

26-year-old entrepreneur, Ramon Quan Chan, is the proud Founder and CEO of CHOEWZ, a tech start-up in Trinidad and Tobago established to connect customers with businesses and entrepreneurs in the tourism, food, and hospitality industries.    The company was officially launched on May 15 this year with only four employees, including Ramon. He informed STEM Caribbean that it took him a little over 3 years to develop the company from conception to launch. The platform took about a year and a half to be planned and visualized, followed by 18 months of app building. He takes pride in the fact that the platform was

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Engineer from Trinidad and Tobago is featured in historic book highlighting women leaders

History-making engineer, Dr. Malika Grayson, has been chosen as 1 of 27 Cornell University alumnae to be featured in “Wall of Wonder: Cornell Women Leading the Way in Science, Technology and Engineering,” a book highlighting woman within the US-based university’s alumni community.    Among several other accolades, Dr. Grayson is the second black woman to earn a PhD in mechanical engineering at Cornell, which is arguably one of the top universities in the world.   The Cornell alumna shares the humble heritage of being raised on the sister islands of Trinidad and Tobago. She attended Adelphi University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in physics in 2011

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Award-winning Trinbagonian astrophysicist and Stanford University fellow inspires future astrophysicists

Dr. Alexandra Amon is an astrophysicist from the sister islands of Trinidad and Tobago. In June of last year, she won the Michael Penston Prize for the best doctoral thesis in astronomy or astrophysics completed in the United Kingdom during 2018 with her thesis titled, “Cosmology with the Kilo-Degree Lensing Survey.”   The Michael Penston prize, a very prestigious award, is presented annually by the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS) in the United Kingdom.   Dr. Amon was also the 2019 runner up for the Jocelyn Bell Burnell Medal and Prize, which is awarded annually by the Institute of Physics in the UK for exceptional early-career contributions to physics by

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Meet the most dedicated programming lecturer you’ll read about today

Kadeem Best is passionate about influencing his community one student at a time. He’s madly in love with programming and finds fulfilment in his creative and engaging lectures where he teaches his students how to code at three of the most prominent colleges in Toronto, including Toronto’s first community college. He attributes education as a source of opportunities that he once thought were impossible. Now he has over seven years of experience as a STEM educator and takes pride in the role he plays in the lives of his students at Humber College, Seneca College, and Centennial College in Toronto,

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