Happy Independence Day Jamaica!

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Posted on August 6, 2020

Happy Independence Day

Below we’ve highlighted three articles on STEM initiatives in Jamaica.

Science Genius Jamaica: The revolutionary movement that’s mixing science with dancehall music

Many of us can’t deny that we love jamming to our favourite tunes for an occasional booster. By now, we’ve probably memorised enough lyrics that could fit a book. Dr. Christopher Emdin, a professor at Columbia University in the United States, is taking advantage of

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Caribbean animation club wants to connect STEAM with digital arts and animation using online platforms

Schooltoonz, a Caribbean organisation founded by entrepreneur David Martin, has established the Schooltoonz Animation Club, which provides training and workshops in the Caribbean region. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organisation is making the club’s activities and training digital for

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Jamaican Olympian inspires young farmers with his use of unconventional soilless agricultural technology

Former Jamaican athlete, Ricardo Chambers, has managed to transition from a decorated track and field career to an exciting career involving advancing technologies with his own business, Chambers Hydro Farm. On the track, he ran mainly 400m races, breaking records

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