Happy Independence Day Barbados!

The Caribbean

Posted on November 30, 2020

Happy Independence Day

Today is Independence Day in Barbados! Checkout our roundup of articles on STEM in Barbados below.

This Barbadian company converted a bus from diesel-engine to an electric powered vehicle

Imagine driving past changing sceneries of rural, urban, and suburban terrains in Barbados, with your face as close as you dare to the open window. You’re in a comfortable yet sturdy seat, which assists your posture and physical experience. The

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Sci-Tech Adventures In Barbados: Science & Technology Festival 2020

Barbados’ 2nd Annual Science & Technology Festival was hosted on March 5-7 by the National Council On Science & Technology (NCST) of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology (MIST), in partnership with the Faculty of Science & Technology

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