Happy Independence Day Bahamas!

The Caribbean

Posted on July 10, 2020

Happy Independence Day

Today the Bahamas is celebrating 47 years of independence. We’re joining the celebration by highlighting two stories we’ve published on Bahamians in STEM. Read the stories below! 

Bahamian company Organic Solar grows microgreens at hydroponic farm

Organic Solar is a hydroponic, solar-powered microgreens farm, that was founded by Mr. Cerone Dean, and is located in the Bahamas.    Hydroponic agriculture is the use of a water-based nutrient solution to grow plants. This type of farming usually has higher yields

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Meet Bahamian international scientist, Stefan Moss, who’s also an award-winning artist

Inside an eco-friendly music studio in Atlanta, Georgia, you can find Stefan “The Scientist” Moss concocting rich musical sounds and writing songs when he’s not teaching environmental science at Georgia State University. Stefan started his journey in music as

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