Happy 54th Independence Guyana!

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Posted on May 26, 2020

Happy Independence Day

Below we’ve compiled some articles highlighting Guyanese organisations and individuals in STEM. Have a read!

The founder of this Guyanese food delivery company wants to use drones to deliver items

During the past decade, food delivery websites and mobile apps became more popular around the world. In the Caribbean, tech developers and entrepreneurs have created rising food delivery services through websites and mobile apps with promising features. One of these

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All-women team develops Guyana’s first ever crisis management web and mobile app

International Day of Girls in ICT is right around the corner. To celebrate this day, a group of women created HELPGuyana, Guyana’s first-ever crisis management web and mobile app. This platform will enhance lives and support citizens across Guyana during

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Scientist and Inventor, Tandika Harry, Wins 2020 Guyana Innovation Prize

Scientist and inventor, Tandika Harry, a graduate of the University of Guyana, is the winner of the 2020 Guyana Innovation Prize. Her invention, BeeStarch, naturally helps fruits and vegetables last longer after they’ve been harvested. BeeStarch also makes fruits like mangoes more succulent.  This ground-breaking product is

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This software application was designed by a Guyanese tech developer to improve your productivity at work

Have you ever been tasked with writing the details of an important meeting? If you can write quickly, maybe this task is not that difficult for you. On the other hand, keeping up with the topic of discussion at the

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Miss World Guyana 2019: A beacon of hope for girls in STEM

Joylyn Conway is a trailblazer who broke stereotypes in the world of pageantry and STEM. She placed in the top 40 out of 112 contestants at the Miss World International Competition in 2019 representing Guyana. She also won both rounds of

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Guyanese tech developer designs facial recognition system to unlock doors

We’ve probably all seen action-packed movies where the characters use their faces to unlock a door or “secret room” of some sort with a sophisticated-looking security system. For the young tech fanatics, seeing such scenarios is probably one of the

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Facebook’s program for developers launches in Guyana

On September 21, Guyana’s local chapter of the Global Developers Circle (DevC) from Facebook was launched. This momentous event brought together attendees from Trifinity Solutions, the local community partner, and key organizations and companies in Guyana’s tech space including, Nexus

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This philanthropic organization, led by Guyanese, is commercializing cutting-edge research projects in Guyana

The benefits of research and new ideas in the Caribbean include the start of businesses that can diversify economies and create more job opportunities, especially in STEM. Groundbreaking endeavours are some of the exciting advancements taking place in Guyana today.

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A look at the fastest growing STEM education program in the Caribbean for young students

In recent times it’s been predicted that coding will be one of the most critical skills in the future. Technology is growing continuously, and more processes are becoming automated, replacing human power. However, humans are the ones who write the

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Visionary Guyanese Educator Aims to Disrupt Traditional Teaching Methods with Math Board Game

It’s not surprising that just about anyone can appreciate STEM – you don’t need a STEM degree to make a valuable contribution to the world of STEM. Mr. Clyde Pestano, a visionary Guyanese teacher residing in Canada, is a testament

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