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By STEM Caribbean | Posted on October 19, 2020

A hub designed for young Dominican entrepreneurs launched on October 5 with a week-long intensive training program, including presentations and opportunities to network with experts and build useful skills. The Dominican Government, the Organization of American States (OAS), and the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce collaborated with several other partners to make this initiative possible. 

With mentorship opportunities, presentations, and interactive sessions, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub’s inaugural workshop provided opportunities with a wealth of information necessary to develop innovative ideas. Thirty-three entrepreneurs from different backgrounds were chosen to participate in this program. 

According to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, the Dominican Government envisions a country with more self-sufficient and self-reliant citizens. The launch of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub is one step in this direction, providing the necessary tools for citizens to achieve self-sufficiency. 

“This morning’s occasion gives me added pride because it is a realization of this Government’s vision to nurture the citizens of Dominica to become more self-sufficient and self-reliant with the eventual aim of widening the private sector,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said at the opening ceremony of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub’s workshop. 

Many believe that this Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub could foster economic growth in Dominica and create opportunities for new jobs, including science and tech jobs. 

During the opening ceremony, keynote speaker Professor Cardinal Warde of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discussed how science and engineering could be used for economic growth and diversification in Dominica and the wider Caribbean. 

“I truly believe that the next ‘Google’ has a chance of coming out of the Caribbean,” Professor Warde expressed in his speech. 

At the closing ceremony, participants received certificates for completing the program. There were also special awards for those who excelled in different categories. A team of experts from Dominica and the International Community of the Americas judged and critiqued the participants’ business pitches and shared feedback during the closing ceremony. 

The workshop turned out to be successful with exceptional performances by the participants.   

“I must say I’m beyond impressed. I think this week has far exceeded our expectations; certainly, my expectations and I’m very hopeful about the future of our country,” remarked Kim Osborne, the Executive Secretary for Integral Development at the OAS. 

Supporters and partners also expressed their desire to continue mentoring the participants along their entrepreneurial journeys. 

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