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   Nathan Redhead | Posted on May 4, 2020

In light of the recent pandemic, being locked at home has taken a toll on socializing, schools, and businesses alike. This gave rise to rapid growth in demand for online meeting apps, to stay in touch with loved ones, and to be productive. On April 29, Google released a blog post stating that its premium video conferencing app known as Google Meet, has been made free to use for the general public. 

Google Meet was designed with the words reliable and convenient in mind, with features such as simple scheduling and screen sharing, real-time captions, and layouts that adapt to your preference, including an expanded tiled view. It is also compatible with other Google products, such as Google Drive and Google Calendar.  

The video conferencing app was made to be secure at larger scales, allowing to host over 3 billion minutes of video meeting in the last month alone, and seeing roughly 3 million users join per day. Some security measures that it provides are dedicated mobile apps, complex meeting codes granting protection from brute force hackers, encrypting meeting data which is stored on Google Drive, and the ability for hosts to admit or deny entry to meetings.  

Anyone with an active Google account can use the app. Also, Google Meet allows a 60-minute limit for its free users, as opposed to the 40-minute limit on Zoom for three or more users on a call. However, Google says that it will not enforce this time limit until after September 30 this year.  

Companies or schools that use Google’s G Suite automatically have access to Google Meet and its advanced features, which include unlimited meeting timers, and the ability to live stream for up to 100,000 viewers at a time, within personal domains. Google Meet is perfect for different types of video calls ranging from important conference calls, parent-teacher meetings, one on one tutoring to even a social gathering of family and friends celebrating a special occasion. 

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Nathan Redhead
Junior Writer

Nathan is a Grenadian writer and a graduate of the T. A Marryshow Community College in Grenada, where he earned an associate’s degree in sociology and psychology. While obtaining his associate’s degree, he was exposed to the world of poetry and expository writing as a member of the Writer’s Association of Grenada. He’s an avid lover of literature, and as a child, he spent the majority of his free time either watching the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet or trying to dismantle his toys to rebuild them into something that sparked his interest. As a Junior Writer, he hopes to reignite his passion for science and inventing, as well as improve his creative writing ability.

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