Facebook’s program for developers launches in Guyana

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By STEM Caribbean | Posted on October 8, 2019

On September 21, Guyana’s local chapter of the Global Developers Circle (DevC) from Facebook was launched. This momentous event brought together attendees from Trifinity Solutions, the local community partner, and key organizations and companies in Guyana’s tech space including, Nexus Hub Inc, CARICOM, University of Guyana, Elle Gee (Cultural & Creative Consultants), and Intellect Storm.

Trifinity Solutions, the Ministry Of Public Telecommunications (MOPT), Metro, and Social Enterprise Administrative (SEA) Initiatives are current sponsors of the local program.

Group Photo of Speakers and Participants / Courtesy of Trifinity Solutions

A little over two years ago, Facebook introduced Developer Circles, a program for developers around the world to connect, learn, and collaborate with other developers in their local communities. The program is free to join and is led by local community members. Developers can connect offline or online in local Facebook groups to learn, build new projects, and share ideas. Students who are interested in learning how to code can also benefit from this program. A range of resources is available to developers, including training courses via Udacity, one of the world’s largest online training platforms. Each Developer Circle is managed by a Developer Circle lead who’ve successfully applied for the role and are passionate about their communities.

There are currently over 120 active Developer Circles in countries around the world, including these Caribbean countries: Jamaica, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Haiti, and most recently, Guyana.

“We see this as an opportunity to continue building the local tech industry and harness on our innovative and creative skills most importantly,” Guyana’s Facebook Developer Circle Lead, Samantha Sheoprashad, expressed.

Samantha Sheoprashad is the co-founder of Trifinity Solutions and a recipient of the Queen’s Young Leaders 2017 Award. 

Samantha Sheoprashad, Facebook Developer Circle Lead / Courtesy of Trifinity Solutions

Social networks were once closed platforms. This changed twelve years ago when Facebook announced its developer platform, which allowed developers and engineers from other companies to access millions of users and build social applications that could be integrated into Facebook’s website. Partners who developed applications on the platform included Amazon.com, Forbes.com, Microsoft Corp., Uber, and Warner Bros. Records. 

Since then, the number of developers using the platform has multiplied significantly. Facebook provides multiple tools and products to developers and businesses. App Ads and Facebook Login are too commonly used products. In the United States alone, over 85% of the top 100 grossing iOS and Android apps are integrated with Facebook, and in 2013, people logged in via Facebook Login over 10 billion times. Facebook also boasts that presently, tens of millions of people use Facebook Login every day, and more than 30 million apps and websites use Facebook’s developer tools. 

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Samantha. It has been a long journey, but soon they will recognize your talents and your gift for connecting with the youth of your beloved Guyana!! Keep it up!! Very PROUD of YOU!!????

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