Entrepreneur from Trinidad and Tobago aims to help others achieve their goals using technology

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By STEM Caribbean | Posted on August 9, 2020

Shaquille Inniss, Founder of SI Growth Global Network Limited (GGN) | Photo courtesy of Shaquille Inniss

Entrepreneur Shaquille Inniss is on a mission to help others achieve success and prosperity by using his company SI Growth Global Network Limited (GGN) to motivate its members through technology.   

Growing up in Trinidad and Tobago, Shaquille has been through challenges he says helped shape his current mindset and motivated him to start his company.  After two failed attempts at taking the CSEC examinations, he had a wake-up call and decided to improve his lifestyle. On the third attempt, while keeping in mind that he “needed subjects,” he eventually achieved his desired success.  

In 2015, he decided to establish GGN. His passion for helping others achieve their goals motivated him to develop this community. He also had a significant turning point in his life when he was introduced to the life wheel, which influenced the idea behind GGN.   

“When I first met the life wheel, it played a major part in creating GGN. I was asked, ‘Where do you see yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in your health, family and friends, personal growth, love, fun and recreation, career, spirituality and finances?’,” he told STEM Caribbean.  

“Working at my previous job, I listen to the struggles people face in life, and I always remember that life wheel. Because of my passion for seeing others grow, I wanted to find a way where I can impact the lives of thousands of people. Then it hit me: create a business in the life wheel where people can grow themselves in the different areas,” he added.  

Founding GGN was not without challenges for Shaquille. But with the help of his father and life coach, he remained focused on his goals.  

“I have all my goals written down, and every day I look at them knowing that one day I will achieve them despite whatever obstacles I might face, and my dad and my life coach never allowed me to accept defeat,” he said.  

GGN, as described by Shaquille, is not just another way of making money, but a community where members can do business with each other and unlock their potential. Members of GGN are promised access to their own online back office, email notification on upcoming events, seminars, and workshops.  

Other membership perks that GGN boasts include, access to an eBook library with self-help books, discounts on events and seminars, and even the opportunity to earn a monthly commission through referrals.   

Photo courtesy of Shaquille Inniss

According to Shaquille, eBooks like “101 Self-Help Tips” and “Career Climber” are included in the library for members to read at their leisure. He shared an excerpt from the eBook “101 Self-Help Tips” with STEM Caribbean, which outlines ways we can stay focused:  

“Setting goals can be a powerful tool that keeps us focused and sharp. They can be visual and mental reminders that we need to get things done. If we fail to create goals for ourselves, then we can also fail to succeed in whatever we choose to achieve.” –  101 Self-Help Tips

Shaquille hopes to expand GGN outside of Trinidad and Tobago in the future. His advice for budding entrepreneurs in the Caribbean is “to have a life coach at your side who can help you achieve your goals. If ever you think about giving up, always remember there is an elderly person inside of you that is depending on you to achieve goals so that 40 to 50 years from now, when you reach that age, you can enjoy the benefits of what you did.” 

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