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   Nathan Redhead | Posted on April 22, 2020

Tamboulay, a Caribbean based start-up production studio, has developed Carey and Cassie’s Caribbean Adventures. This educational game follows the adventures of two characters as they explore a variety of hotspots in different Caribbean countries while collecting tokens and avoiding obstacles. The game provides an appealing option for children at home to learn.  

The Caribbean production studio aims to spread awareness of the Caribbean’s diverse culture and heritage through animated films, books, merchandising, and, most recently, games. 

Carey and Cassie’s Caribbean Adventures | Tamboulay, Facebook

Children who play Carey and Cassie’s Caribbean Adventures can learn about the history and allure of different Caribbean countries as the characters in the game explore along adventurous journeys. The game includes an option to choose between the characters Carey and Cassie to play the various levels. Throughout the game, there’s a narration of fun facts about each location as the characters navigate through pop-up notes and trivia questions.   

The adventures of the characters involve a journey to countries like Guyana, through its jungles while children can learn about its geographical characteristic, diverse population, and the widely coveted wealth, hidden within the Aurora and Karouni gold mines. The game also includes scenes about Trinidad and Tobago, with information on carnival, the angelic sounding steel pan, and the diverse musical history of Trinidad and Tobago.    

Carey and Cassie’s Caribbean Adventures

Another country that the game features is Grenada. Fun facts about this island are shared as the characters take a venturesome run near Grand Etang Lake, a popular tourist attraction on the island. More adventures in the game include exploring Harrison’s Cave in Barbados, diving in crystal clear waters of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a scenic journey near St. Lucia’s iconic mountains, and a picturesque run through Dominica’s lush vegetation surrounded by rivers and waterfalls.   

Carey and Cassie’s Caribbean Adventures

Currently, Carey and Cassie’s Caribbean Adventures is available for Android devices on Google Play, and on Facebook. Visit  for more information on the available products, videos, or books.    

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