Scientist and Inventor, Tandika Harry, Wins 2020 Guyana Innovation Prize

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   Danielle Bartholomew | Posted on March 27, 2020

Scientist and inventor, Tandika Harry, a graduate of the University of Guyana, is the winner of the 2020 Guyana Innovation Prize. Her invention, BeeStarch, naturally helps fruits and vegetables last longer after they’ve been harvested. BeeStarch also makes fruits like mangoes more succulent.  This ground-breaking product is expected to be commercially available soon. 

Scientist and inventor, Tandika Harry

According to The Guyana Economic Development Trust (GEDT), on the worldwide market, there are currently only two widely available, all-natural fruit and vegetable preservative solutions that do not contain carnauba wax. This type of wax is commonly used in cosmetics, personal hygiene products, industrial polishes and finishes, and fruit and hard candy coatings.  

carnauba wax

The Guyana Innovation Prize is a project of the GEDT and involves the selection of promising research ideas based on a competitive application process. Once selected, the applicants with promising research ideas are connected with mentors in Guyana and abroad for 12 months and receive assistance with developing business plans and revenue models for commercially viable, scalable businesses. The Prize, which is not a research grant or a business plan competition, provides a platform that connects investors with startup businesses to turn cutting-edge research ideas into new business enterprises, creating jobs in STEM and boosting the private sector in Guyana.  

In November this year, the GEDT will host its Caribbean Startup Investing Summit, where scientist Tandika Harry, and other tech and agro startup founders from Guyana and Jamaica will be present.   

The GEDT, a U.S. based philanthropic organisation, was founded in 2018 and is an upcoming driving force behind Guyana’s economic growth, offering opportunities to invest in science and technology-based businesses. The organisation is not affiliated with any political organisations.  

To support and invest in Guyana’s economic development, visit for more information. 

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